Going Through Divorce and Have to Sell Your House Fast?

We can pay cash for your house so that you can spit the equity quickly.

Very few events are more demanding or trying than divorce. Even in the best possible conditions, there are still problems and headaches to overcome. In many cases, a couple is forced to stay connected financially due to the home that they own.

So exactly what are your options? You might continue to co-own the home, but that doesn’t really help anyone move on. One partner might buy out the other one, but there would be a brand-new mortgage, which is difficult for just a single person to keep up with these days.

The best option is just to sell your house and be done with it. You might go the conventional routes and list with a realtor and just pay their commission, or sell your house yourself and maintain your house throughout the whole process. In our viewpoint, the best way to move forward is to get rid of that house as soon as possible.

We can offer you a quick sale and cash for your house. It’s time to carry on and we’re prepared to help you do that. Simply complete our simple form to start. We buy houses all over Alabama and Tennessee, including Memphis, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Huntsville, and surrounding areas. Within 24 hours, we’ll make you a cash offer on your house. In a matter of days, you can be free of your old house and all set to move on with the rest of your life.

Unbelievable how quick they were. After the phone call, I got the offer the next day and we set up closing. Things went very smoothly.
Jeff Harris

Memphis, TN

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Moses Buys Houses is a real estate solutions company and we buy houses in Alabama and Tennessee. We’re a family-owned and operated business and we assist homeowners, from all walks of life, out of difficult situations. We always look for win-win solutions for people or we don’t do a deal — everyone needs to feel taken care of and happy when all is said and done.


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