Having no or little equity in your house is a prevalent issue in the Birmingham. While this may not affect you a lot while you are living in your house, it may become a huge problem when selling. If you have no or little equity, selling your Birmingham house for cash is not feasible because you owe more than your house is worth.

Also, you are not in position to just ‘walk away’ from your Birmingham house and your home mortgage payments because your bank will haunt you for up to 7 years on your credit report after your house is foreclosed! If for any reason you cannot afford your home loan, we can help you in just 1-2 weeks by using a process called a lease option.

A lease option is perfect when you have little equity and can no longer afford to pay off your mortgage. The reasons for not being able to pay your mortgage are numerous. Job loss, financial hardship, health problems, relocation or other factors can cause you to fall short on your mortgage payments. If you have low equity, selling your home through an estate agent or maybe through a quick cash sale is merely not logical and not possible.

Now, an example of selling a house with negative equity in Birmingham:

Your Birmingham home is worth $100,000 in the current market. You have a home loan with $90,000 left on it. If you go to a real estate agent, they will probably encourage you to reduce the price to get a quick sale. If your property goes for $95,000, once the costs, fees, and remaining mortgage have been paid, you are not making any profit out of the sale. In fact, you will lose money. If you are already struggling financially, you definitely can not afford to do this! While this may be a better option that foreclosure, there is another way to get out of that house without losing your shirt…

We have a terrific remedy for you if you are in that sticky little or no equity situation! A lease option is where we basically take over the mortgage payments and all of the maintenance costs of your property. You are free to move out of your home as soon as the documents have been signed, which can happen in just 7 days, and you no longer need to panic about the home loan or any of the liability that comes with being a home owner.

With the lease option, we will take over all your loan payments and the responsibility of the property, we then have the option to buy that house at some time in the future. We will agree upon a price that day and buy the home when the market value rises.

Frequently it takes between 3-7 years for the price to go up adequately. At any time during this period we have the option to purchase your home at the agreed upon price. We will pay for all legal fees during this process.

This is a great deal with all the same results as a regular sale! We are taking care of your house, paying your mortgage, maintenance, monthly bills and all other costs. You simply grant us an ‘option’ to buy the house in the future. We help people get rid of problem properties all the time.

This method for Selling a House With Negative Equity in Birmingham is ideal for folks who have little or no equity and are:

  • Facing foreclosure
  • Can no longer make mortgage payments
  • Wanting to sell, but do not need the cash right away
  • Wanting to secure an agreed sale price in the current housing market, regardless of the insecure market price in the future

If you are selling a Birmingham house with Negative Equity we will buy it!

Lease options are very versatile and we can customize them to fit your specific needs. The entire process is completely free for you. We do not charge for our services. There is no unpredictability when selling with us; we will get your home sold GUARANTEED.

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