At Moses Buys Houses, we have helped people who were about to lose their homes in Memphis. We bought their homes, so they could avoid foreclosure or a tax sale, and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, some Memphis homeowners have their worst fears realized — they end up homeless. So we’ve put together a list of Memphis homeless options.

The purpose of this page is to help you identify potential resources that might help you, or someone you are assisting, leave homelessness in Memphis TN.

Memphis homeless options

Learn about Memphis homeless options, such as shelters and programs to help.

Memphis Homeless Options

  • Downtown Memphis:
  • Memphis Union Mission:
  • Door of Hope Memphis:
  • Community Alliance for the Homeless:

Memphis Homeless Shelters

For the latest news on Memphis homeless shelters, visit Homeless Shelters Directory.

  • Memphis Day Shelter
  • Memphis Family Shelter
  • Safe Harbor of Memphis
  • Calvary Rescue Mission
  • Memphis Union Mission
  • Alpha Omega Veterans Services

Homeless Shelters near Memphis TN

  • 8th Street Mission — West Memphis, AR 6.94 miles outside Memphis, Tennessee
  • East AR Youth Services — Marion, AR 9.87 miles outside Memphis, Tennessee

Avoid Losing Your Home

If you or someone you know is about to lose their home, reach out to us. We’ve seen enough situations where life throws people a curveball and they end up in a tough place. Ultimately, losing one’s home should not mean ending up homeless. If we can answer any questions or at least point you in the right direction, we’d be glad to help prevent even one more tragedy: a person losing it all and ending up homeless.

We’ve helped prevent foreclosures and offered a lifeline to homeowners experiencing financial hardship.

Ultimately one of the possible solutions to homelessness is more affordable housing. Most experts agree that’s the key to solving homelessness. According to The Atlantic:

Nationally, the average monthly cost of serving a family in an emergency shelter is $4,819. Providing them with a voucher for housing […] is just $1,162.

Get in touch with us if you know someone who could use a hand. Let’s lift each other up.


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