If you’re a property owner in Chattanooga and you just recently got a Notice of Default from your lender, read on to discover exactly what that means for you.

To put it in simple terms, this Notice of Default in Chattanooga means your lending institution has filed the documentation to begin the foreclosure procedure. It suggests you are behind on your home mortgage by 5 payments or more, and this Notice of Default will instantly be mailed out to anyone with an individual interest in your property (lenders, other lender, as well as professionals who have actually done work on your house).

This Notice of Default, by law, must likewise be printed in the regional paper in Chattanooga and physically posted on your property in a prominent location.

This might seem like a humiliating scenario, but it is nothing to be embarrassed of and it actually provides very important security for customers. That’s because, before laws requiring a Notice of Default, many individuals had their Chattanooga houses foreclosed on them with no notice.

In truth, this has happened even in the last few years where a minimum of one bank has accidentally foreclosed on the wrong house. They tossed out the owners without due process or any notice, and comparable circumstances have occurred around Chattanooga.

So, the Notice of Default is a vital part in the foreclosure procedure that provides you a fair chance to realize exactly what’s to come and do something about it before it occurs. It enables anyone with an interest in your home to step up and declare their rights before the property is taken by the bank.

But, you don’t have much time. If you have received a Notice of Default from your lender, you need to act quickly because time is of the essence.

Have you received a Notice of Default in Chattanooga? Here are key actions you ought to take:

1) Don’t panic and remain calm

It may sound like the most obvious action, but it’s also one of the most crucial. If you are dealing with a foreclosure in Chattanooga, you are currently dealing with a lot of stress regarding your property. But, these things don’t just happen overnight, and they can take just as long to fix as they did to unfold. If you stay cool and use coping methods, you can continue taking great care of yourself and your household. Panic causes bad decision-making, so stay calm.

2) Learn about the foreclosure procedure

Educate yourself on the foreclosure procedure in Chattanooga so you know what to expect next. Surprises are no good — prepare for what’s going to occur.

3) Find resources

You can take advantage of government and non-profit resources offered to you. You will wish to have excellent tax and legal advice as you move on. Even if you need to borrow loan, do not aim to do it all by yourself. This process is exceptionally complicated.

4) Figure out your alternatives

We want to assist you avoid being foreclosed on. We’ve assisted many individuals who got a Notice of Default in Chattanooga. If it comes to it, we can make an all-cash offer on your Chattanooga house, and we can also assist you with a short sale and even a rent-back circumstance so you can potentially stay in your house. There are more choices than you may believe.

5) Stay in touch with your lender

It’s a big mistaken belief that the banks want your home. They do not — they want your cash (as in, regular monthly payments). What you say matters. You can slow down and even stop the foreclosure process if you communicate honestly and politely with your bank.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Notice of Defaults in Chattanooga, offer us a call at 423-375-8575 and we can lay out your options to help you conquer any circumstance you’re facing.

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