You’ve seen advertisements or taglines like “We Buy Houses Birmingham” or “Cash For Your House Birmingham” right? If you’re a homeowner in Birmingham who is aiming to sell your house fast in Birmingham, odds are you’ve seen all kinds of advertisements from Birmingham We Buy Houses companies that buy houses for cash.

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Are these Birmingham We Buy Houses Companies legit and genuine?

There are a lot of businesses that say they buy houses however how do you understand who to deal with? How do I know which “we buy houses companies” out there are honest, reputable, and trustworthy?

At first glance, much of them look the exact same, but if you dig deeper you can easily tell which ones are the most credible and which ones you ought to be doing business with. In this post we’ll walk you through some things to look for in a local Birmingham house buying company. Use this as a guide before you choose to deal with any of them. Even Moses Buys Houses 🙂

Purchasing and selling houses is a fantastic service and firms that focus on doing simply that can assist neighborhoods and house sellers in lots of ways. However much like other type of work — there are a handful house buyers in Birmingham that you most likely will wish to stay away from.

Much like our company there are numerous others who are truly great, ethical folks who enhance their neighborhoods one house at a time.

Nevertheless, there are numerous sketchy and unethical individuals who put money ahead of the well being of their clients. A number of these companies would sign an agreement to sell their own granny with one hand while stabbing you in the back with the other — as long as they were making enough money. Not the sort of homebuyer you should be working with right?

Yes… it’s very regrettable, but they are out there and you must understand.

If you are a home seller who has to sell their Birmingham house fast you wish to ensure you deal with sincere, ethical, and a reliable local company who can buy your house for a fair all cash offer and close on your schedule. Moses Buys Houses is that company… let us prove it with a no-commitment all cash offer on your Birmingham home.

This Is What Reputable Birmingham House Buyers Are Doing…

  • Helping Birmingham house sellers improve their lives by accessing the money they need right now. People frequently need the cash in their house fast so they can deal with whatever real estate problem they are presently dealing with. We can close quickly and normally as rapidly as 7-10 days.
  • Assisting Birmingham home sellers eliminate a burdensome house without the trouble of needing to list it with a broker and wait months and month for a sale.
  • Producing regional employment opportunities in Birmingham. We employ plumbers, roofers, contractors, electrical contractors, brokers, title reps, loan officers, administrators and many other folks along the way. The average real estate deal involves 86 people from start to finish. Our investments assist create real jobs for individuals around Birmingham.
  • Buying United States products. We invest lots of money on products that are made right here in the USA — that produces jobs in our lumber mills, factories, supply shops, distribution centers and more. The United States economy depends upon stable improvement, which requires investment from folks like us.
  • Increasing the worth of neighborhoods throughout Birmingham. When we improve a house, we’re helping to increase the worth of the whole community. We typically fix deserted and disregarded houses, turning them into lovely houses for households. That activity strengthens Birmingham.
  • Increasing the Birmingham tax base. When a brand-new buyer moves into one of our houses, they’ll pay a higher tax rate based on the new and improved tax-assessed value. Those taxes go to pay for our schools, fire, police, libraries, streets and other important infrastructure. Again, enhancing our neighborhoods in Birmingham.

Many individuals have a negative view of the house flipping market and believe it’s a get-rich-quick plan. This industry and it’s reputation is fueled by numerous “reality” TV programs that glorify the process, since the reality of what we do on a daily basis is in fact quite dull.

Most of our work is collaborating with great deals of individuals to make sure things are occurring on time. We have to track a lot of moving parts and it’s a really risky game we play.

So let’s return to how you can utilize this information to learn if somebody is a reliable investor, and not just pulling a house buying scam.

Ways to Ensure You’re Working With A Reputable Birmingham House Buyer

When you talk with a local Birmingham house purchaser to potentially buy your house… ask a few of the questions below to guarantee they’re trustworthy, knowledgeable, and honest.

Ask open-ended questions like:

  • How do you help your customers?
  • What do you do forindividuals?
  • Can you inform me more about your services?
  • What element of your business makes you the most happy?
  • How would you explain your investment approach?
  • How can I know that you’ll close on my house when you state you will?

Second, look for tell-tale indications of strategies that those few dubious operators tend to utilize.

  • “Kitchen table closings” — If a house buyer tries to get you to sign the deed (ownership) of your house over to them at your house, instead of a professional location like a closing lawyer or title company … be wary. A lot of reliable house buying services will perform the actual closing of the sale at a neutral 3rd party location… like a title company. This makes sure everything is done right and on the up and up.
  • Pushing you into a fast closing — If a house purchaser tries to push you into offering your house and states that you need to make the decision today, be hesitant. The majority of reputable house buying services will make you an offer that will be on the table for at least 1-2 days for you to make a choice. The factor reliable house buying services like ours at Moses Buys Houses do place deadlines on our offers is because the market changes and prices can alter week to week depending on other sales in the location
  • Likewise, we buy several houses a month so when we make you an offer we’re ensuring you that the cash to purchase your house is all set and we’ll set aside that cash for a number of days so if you do want to sell your house, we can close on your schedule. If you feel the offer isn’t really a fit for you, then we’ll assign those funds to assist another seller with their house sale.
  • Many scammers are looking for a quick score, and not an extensive interview. Odds are good that they’ll find excuses to get off the phone and carry on to someone who doesn’t ask too many questions.
  • And finally, many green real estate investors who have just gone to a weekend seminar with some guru start off in the industry by “wholesaling.” That means, they try to get houses “under contract” and then they shop that deal around to ACTUAL investors with cash (investors like us) and they “assign” the contract to them for a finder’s fee. Now, we’ve bought properties from wholesalers before (and there are good ones out there) and we’ve also wholesaled properties to other investors (when we wouldn’t get around to it rehabbing it for a while) — so it’s a good solution, but many wholesalers aren’t experienced, or aren’t transparent with what their intentions are.

Real Birmingham financiers who run truthful and ethical house buying services, however, are developing long-term services based upon relationships and community development.

So when you’re taking a look at one of the “we buy houses Birmingham companies” never be afraid to ask lots of questions!

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